Stuff Guys Want You to Know About Being a Stay-at-Home Dad

Gone are the days where the wife would stay home and look after the home and children while the husband was responsible for providing an income. Today there are just as many women out working as there are men, with an increasing number of couples electing to have the man become a stay-at-home Dad. The following tips and advice are intended to be helpful for men who are considering being the one to maintain the household and be the stay-at-home parent.

  1. Money


One of the major factors influencing the decision of who stays home to mind children and look after the home is income-earning potential. In days gone by it was typical for the man to be able to make a higher income than the woman but this is not always the case any longer. Depending upon the career each has chosen to follow the woman may be the larger income earner, making it more financially viable for the man to become a stay-at-home Dad.

  1. Wife Prefers to Work

When a woman has a career that she loves it can be difficult to give it up to stay home and raise children. While taking a short leave to birth a child may be a good opportunity to bond with the baby women who love their jobs are often eager to return to their career as early as is practical.

The other side of this equation is that often the husband is quite happy if not eager to be able to stay home with the children. Men too often miss out on a lot of the milestones and events that occur in their children’s lives due to working which causes some disappointment.

  1. Kids Feelings


While people have been led to believe that children suffer from lack of maternal parenting when the wife works the truth is that provided one parent is always available to the children they can manage just fine, regardless of whether they have Mom or Dad to turn to in times of need. Mothers often suffer unnecessary guilt at not being with their children but provided they are in the care of their father this is something a wife should not subject herself to. The ability to not be put into after-school care and be able to come home to a parent is what matters most to a child, whether it is Mom or Dad that greets them at the door.

  1. Husbands are Just as Capable

Aside from the obvious inability to feed a baby naturally Dads are just as capable as their wives of keeping children happy, clean and well-fed, as well as take care of the daily household cleaning and chores. Cooking, cleaning, running children to sports practices and other after-school activities are not tasks that only women can do. Men are just as capable of being organized and able to round up children and get them where they need to go as women are, despite women being known for their ability to multi-task. Some men even enjoy all the activity that is involved in keeping the home clean and comfortable, while enjoying time spent with their children. This gives working wives the opportunity to come home and spend quality time with their children, knowing that the chores are all handled by their husbands.